Junior Achievement

Contact Person(s):Crystal Steiner
Telephone:937-323-4725, or 937-305-8288

Junior Achievement Mad River Region
1 S. Limestone Street, P.O. Box 1023
Springfield, OH 45501


Goals/Mission Statement

Junior Achievement (JA) is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business, and economics to improve the quality of their lives. JA is the successful bridge between education and the business community.

Instructional Objectives

OHIO Standards-Benchmarks

Ourselves-Kindergarten-Social Studies- HIST-2 PIS-1-2 GEOG-1,7 ECON-1-3 GOVT-1 CRR-1-4 SSS-1-5 Language Arts- PAWRF-1 VOC-1 RP-1-4, 7-9 RAITP-1 3,5 RALT-2-3 WA-1 COMM-1-4 Mathematics-MEAS-4 NNSO-9-10 GSS-1-3

Our Families- 1st Grade-Social Studies- HIST-5 PIS-1, ECON-1-3 CRR-1-5 SSS-1-6 GOVT-1 GEOG-1 3,5-7 Language Arts PAWRF-1,8,10 VOC-1,4 RP-1 6,8,9 RAITP-1,2,4,5 RALT-2,3 COMM-1-4 Mathematics- NNSO-6, 10-12

Our Communities- 2nd Grade-Social Studies- HIST-5 GEOG 1,5,6 ECON-1-3,5 CRR-1-3 SSS-1-3,5,6 GOVT-1,2,4 Language Arts- PAWRF-1-3,8 VOC-1,4 RP-1,3,4-6 RAITP 1,3,5,6 COMM-1-4,6-8 WP-3,4 WA-4 WC-1 RSCH-1,4,5,6 Mathematics- NNSO 1,6,10 PFA-7 DAP-1,2,7

Our City- 3rd Grade-Social Studies- HIST-3 GEOG 1,3,6-8 ECON-1-7 GOVT-1 CRR-1-3 SSS-1-4,6 Language Arts- VOC 1,4 RP-1,5-7 RAITP-1,2,4 COMM-1-8 WP-1-4,11 WA-4,5 WC-1 Mathematics- GSS-4,5 NNSO-2,4,12,14,15 MEAS-1,5 MEAS-1,5

Our Region- 4th Grade-Social Studies- GEOG-2-10 ECON1,2,3,5 SSS-1-3,5-7,10 GOVT-1 CRR-2 Language Arts- VOC-1,9 RP 1,4,5,7-9 RAITP-1 4,5-7 WP-3,4 WA-5 RSCH-1 3,6 COMM 1-8 Mathematics NNSO-2,8,9,13,14 PFA-6

Our Nation- 5th Grade-Social Studies-HIST-6 ECON 1-3,5,6 SSS-1,4,6-9 Language Arts- VOC 1,8 RP 1,4-8 RAITP-1,4-9 WA-5 WP-1,3 5,9,12,15,17 WC 1,4,5 COMM-1-8,10 Mathematics- NNSO-1 PFA-5,6

Materials Available for Teachers/Students

Junior Achievement programs are taught by volunteers from the community. Junior Achievement provides full training and support for all volunteer consultants. In addition, JA provides detailed lesson plans and all materials needed to teach the class. Classroom teachers are also provided with supplemental activities that can be completed outside of the volunteer’s regular lessons to enrich and reinforce the content of the program. Volunteers generally visit the classroom once weekly (30-45 minute periods) for 5-12 week depending on the program. However, flexible scheduling is offered to accommodate your needs.

Additional Information/Comments

For correlations to the Ohio Standards/Benchmarks for the middle grade and high school programs, please contact the JA office. To learn more about Junior Achievement and our programs, discuss scheduling options, or to schedule your class for JA, please contact Sarah Eckhoff at 937-360-1880.