The Gammon House

Contact Person(s):Betty J. Grimes

Mailing Address:
The Gammon House
1206 Heard Ave.                        Springfield, Ohio 45506

Located at:
The Gammon House
620 Piqua Place
Springfield, Ohio 45506


Goals/Mission Statement

To authentically restore the house to the Gammon era (1850 to the turn of the century). It will be an interpretive center to tell stories of the people who operated the Underground Railroad and those who risked their lives fleeing slavery and injustices.

Instructional Objectives

  • Students will understand the role of the Underground Railroad in the lives of escaped slaves and how it affected our community and State.

OHIO Standards-Benchmarks

Grade 3:
People in Societies: #1

  • Compare some of the cultural practices and products of various groups of people who lived in the local community.

Grade 4:
People in Societies: #3

  • Explain the reasons people came to Ohio including freedom from political and religious oppression.

Grade 5:
People in Societies: #1 and #3

  • #1 Compare the cultural practices and products of diverse groups in North America including artistic expression.
  • #3 Describe the experiences of African Americans under the institution of Slavery.

Grade 5-8:

  • Compare and contrast styles and forms of music from various historical periods.
  • Identify composers and classify them according to chronological periods.
  • Describe how events during various historical periods have influenced the development of music.

Grade 6:
Geography: #8

  • Explain push and pull factors that cause people to migrate from place to place including oppression and freedom.

Grade 9-10:
People in Societies: B

  • Analyze the consequences of oppression, discrimination and conflict between cultures.

Grade 9-10:

  • Explain the relationship of a selected work of art to the time period in which it was created.

Grade 9-12:

  • Identify music forms from various cultural and historical periods and create or perform representative repertoire with stylistic accuracy.
  • Research and explain how music and composers both influence and are influenced by society and culture.

Materials Available for Teachers/Students

  • Books, maps, film and quilt designs
  • Tools and dress of the period

Additional Information/Comments

  • A re-enactor will present a glimpse of what life was like for escaped slaves who moved along the Underground Railroad.